Hello everyone this is first official update release, from the rollout continuation from 1.48(1.0.0xx) before Etheriabot V2 was released. We're here and Etheriabot is now in a usable beta state! The following things have been changed/added:


  • Adventure has a new Dungeon (Abandoned Mine [Lv.15]) and over 25 new events added
  • Adventure rates have been tweaked with the new "costless" adventure system
  • Adventure cooldown is now set to 15 Minutes


Pickpocketing [Lv.15+] has been added to the game, check the main page for more info (!pickpocketing)

Player Shops:

  • Players shops are now fully functional
  • Purchase a shop using !shopdeed for 10,000g
  • Use !sell (type) to sell something in your reserve slot
  • Use !price(type) x to set the price of something in a slot type in your shop Ex: "!priceweapon 100" will price your weapon slot in your shop to 100. This will reset when purchased or changed.
  • Other players may use !shop (yourname) and !buy(type) (yourname) to purchase things from you
  • Other players may use !buy(type) (yourname)

Objects and Items:

  • Over 50 new items, armor weapons and titles have been added to the game
  • Over 20 rare, exotic or hard to find objects have been added to the game


  • Lottery Clerk has been added, use !lottery to purchase a 50g scratch ticket and try to win up to 25,000g
  • Odds of this game are low but payout is the highest at the moment
  • Cooldown has been set to 1 hour per player


  • 3 more collectibles are now included within the game!

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